One Year Anniversary With Suuchi Inc.

This past Saturday, August 24th, marks another incredibly monumental day in my life that I hold so dear.

One year ago, on that day, I walked into a meeting, with no clue of what to expect. I had my son and my husband with me for support. Sebastian, about 6 months old in his stroller, they let us all walk through.

It was like a dream. Pulling up to an "old-school" brick building facility, I walked in and felt like my heart was going to jump straight out of my chest. {excitement & nervousness rushed through my bones}

What I had seen before me I knew would be the start of something so beautiful and unimaginable. It was what I had always pictured it to be like. Sewing machines from wall to wall, fabric flying all over the place, employees as kind as could be greeting us as we walked through their workshop. They told us that the designers would stop by often and they loved it when they did.

When I reached the conference room to have my official meeting, I truly couldn’t believe that we were there. The white board had over 50+ projects listed that their facility was taking on. There were torn magazine photos ripped from the seams of the pages posted on the wall for inspiration or maybe as a guide to follow. There were racks of clothes they had produced for their designers. Beautiful, beautiful pieces of clothing, leather jackets I remember specifically, made with the best quality of materials.

On this day, Suuchi took me on as a new client. I signed a partnership to have my personally designed products manufactured right out of New York City, USA.

All it took was a leap of faith...and it happened.

Since signing with Suuchi Inc. I have had multiple opportunities present themselves with ideas of new products for me to design and produce for larger industries that are in need of a fast turn around manufacturer.

While I now have a loyal partnership with one based out of the USA with the ability to drop-ship anywhere in the word, this gives me a massive advantage to help these businesses.

Thank you Suuchi Inc. for believing in me and for making my wildest dreams come true.

Thank you to my dear friend & product
developer Tina Johnson that I couldn't have done this without.

Thank you to one of my mentors & very close family friends, Caryn Sorosky-Weaver, who has been helping to guide me and has been rooting for me from the very start.

This is only the beginning.

Cheers to this anniversary that I will never forget 🎉🎊🍾🥂!


XoXo  ~

Madeline Cary

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