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Petition · Pleas help approve LIFE SAVING Holistic Regenerative Medicine to be covered by insurance. ·

Please help approve LIFE SAVING Holistic Regenerative Medicine to be covered by insurance.

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To whom it may concern,

I write this petition today as a plea for my life and so many others that have been cheated a fair chance at survival.

"The Right To Choose" petition has been created in hopes that patients may one day have the option to choose between synthetic and organic treatments to manage or cure their disease at a cost effective rate.

In recent times President Donald J. Trump signed legislation granting terminally ill patients access to experimental drugs before they are approved by the FDA, known as the "Right To Try" act.

This new law was found to be extraordinary and exciting to those terminally ill in hopes that they may live longer or be "cured". Unfortunately, when we look at the science behind pharmaceutical treatments...doom is just a door-knock away. Treating chronically/ terminally ill patients with pharmaceutical drugs is like covering up a bullet wound with a band aid.

The purpose of a drug is to stop the symptom - pain (inflammation, loss of synovial fluid, muscle/ joint/ bone degeneration, tumors ..the list goes on and on), but these drugs simply do not have the power or ability to "cure" the disease. Most, if not all, immunosuppressive drugs are considered to be T-cell inhibitors which numb our senses from feeling what is actually taking place in our bodies. Yes, taking care of the symptom but failing to get to the root of the problem. Allowing for further degeneration and illness.

These drugs have a slew of side effects ranging from minor to major. I could go down the laundry list of horrifying complications that could come about but I think we’ve all seen the BIG pharma commercials that explain exactly why we should NOT be taking these drug.

Nice enough, they left us with a warning sign for these so-called glorified medications. "Dangerous side effects. Severe side effects can be life threatening. They may occur right away or up to 2 years after treatment ends."…scary.

In today's world with advanced science & medicine we have come to realize how truly unique each individuals genetic makeup is and amazingly enough we HAVE the tools we need to reverse ailments with holistic (organic) treatments. This can only be made available to the general public if the FDA and our incredibly restrictive insurance companies are pushed to work with us, not against us. Sure, more research must be conducted to know exactly how powerful these remedies really are and what they can accomplish but without action and awareness this will never happen.

Now, the real question...

Why is it that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has jurisdiction over holistic/regenerative medicines when in fact, organic remedies are not and cannot be classified as "drugs".

We cannot live by a "one size fits all" rule of thumb when prescribing medicine. Especially when pharmaceutical drugs do far more damage than healing to the physical body. Every physical being is unique therefor every reaction is different. If a patient is being overseen by a "specialist" that lacks modern medical knowledge and/or sympathy for their patients this can create a major disconnect between sickness and health.

We beg for affordable access to organic regenerative treatments be granted.

Chronic illnesses are among the most prevalent and costly health conditions in the United States. Nearly half (approximately 45%, or 133 million) of all Americans suffer from at least one chronic disease and the number is growing.

My name is Madeline Cary Davidson. I am 25 years old. A creative Designer/ Product Developer and Owner to the online fashion brand, Madeline Cary™. I am an advocate for the chronically ill as I have been battling, since age 18, "Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lyme's Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever". I believe in regenerative medicine such as Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and antibody replacement therapies (Sub-Q IVIG).

I fight, like many others, every day. Waking up with crippled hands barely able to change a diaper, open a bottle or make breakfast for my hungry children without having excruciating pain. Aside from the physical pain, you have the emotional pain, which is just as great. It hurts to watch my children run circles around me as I lay on our couch dressed in newborn vomit and cheesy two-year-old cracker crumbs. "Sorry guys, I would clean it up...but, my last "good day" was 2 weeks ago." These kinds of events can really make one feel like a failure of a mother or being as a whole.

Managing two small babies under two years old while battling a chronic illness is near impossible, and I'm building a brand at the same time. For this exact reason. I need the money it takes to afford the treatment I want in order to survive for my children, but not JUST to survive...I want to live.

Please help me make this possible for myself and the millions of other people suffering by signing this petition. Thank you for your time.

*40% of proceeds made to Madeline Cary™ Extended Collection "SICKSTYLE" will be put towards the funding of extensive stem cell research.*

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God Bless,

Madeline Cary.

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