Boot & Bag Shapers; Why they're a must have and where you can find them.

Boot and Bag Shapers are the essential “never knew I needed” part of accessorizing your closet. They maintain the shape and prolong the life of your favorite boots and bags, not to mention they help keep your closet space as tidy and organized as possible.  

The Bag Shaper provides structure with a segmented, soft design that conforms to your bag’s shape. The sturdy Boot Shaper keeps tall boots standing up straight, while also ensuring a clean floor space in your closet. They also work just as great if you store your boots lying down, for example, under the bed in a pull out shoe organizer.

At Madeline Cary, we offer a variety of quality silk hand-made shapers. One for each style of boot and bag that you own. 

Our Shapers are totally utilitarian, thus, fulfilling a great void in the fashion industry.

Voguish Fill by Madeline Cary™ Handmade Boot and Bag Shapers are manufactured in the glorious, USA. Partnered with Suuchi Incorporated to help distribute luxurious fashion accessories to the market in a new innovative way.

Voguish Fill by Madeline Cary was created not only to benefit the more sophisticated closet, but to also help maintain the quality of your most valued pieces.

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