Fall Fashions

Well guys, the moment we have been waiting for has finally arised. We are just months away from the new decade but somethings never change, and this season fashion is one of them. With NYFW and Paris Fashion Week both taking place in mid-september/ october, the fall season has commenced.

Designers have a habit of repeating trends, so don’t worry your pretty little head about not being fall fashion ready. From boots to bags (and Voguish Fill™ satin boot and bag shapers) we have got you covered sis.

Here’s a list of all the fall trends you'll need to know (:

1. Decades change, but fashion doesn’t.

This season, trendy feels from the 70s,80s and 90s are filling the air.        

 2. Power Shoulders paired with micro-mini bags

Gucci and Chanel both featured these key items in their collections this season. Like many, you may not have the funds to buy designer but don’t frat, smaller brands like Voguish Fill™ have more affordable products that fits this description.

I’m not going to lie, I couldn’t figure out what would fit into a micro-mini bag other than some loose change, but hey, fashion doesn’t always make sense.

Head over to www.ShopVoguishFill.com to get yours now for only $20 (:

3. Satin Dresses

Most people think of satin as a thin material often used for lingerie or more sexy fashions. This is half true. Satin dresses are an easy way to comfortably wear a dress that isn’t too revealing. My favorite part about them is that they can also be formal when paired with the right accessories or a casual pair of shoes.

Many modern day satin looks are stemmed from the Versace 90s era, and now feature neon hues and contrasting lace trimmings (much more than your average slip darling).

Slip into this soft dress for a sexy look you won’t regret!

4. Slashed Asymmetrical Necklines

Maybe you aren’t quite an “off-the-shoulder” kind of gal, this form of neckline is the perfect compromise. You aren’t prude but instead daringly modest.

5. Over Sized Blazers paired with a belt

This trend seemed to be Prada’s favorite of the season and I couldn’t agree more. Certainly gives an 80s twist to your everyday office attire whether you decide to strut into your workplace or go on date night with your bae. This trend will most certainly have you feeling pose ready.

There are many trends around this season, so of course this list doesn’t overlook the others. Just a few trendy tips for your fall fashions this year, and even though the highest designers featured these key items in their collections this fall, remember you are only fly if what you are wearing was affordable. Please don’t go broke trying to look rich. Take advantage of sales in your area, thrift shops and the amazing 20% deal you can get when you sign up for emails with www.ShopVoguishFill.com

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