How massage can help relieve Arthritis pain

For about a month I have been in so much pain I could barely get around my house. I have been feeling this way since having my second son but especially now that I have successfully weaned myself off of steroids (prednisone), again.

Although it has been very very hard on my body I am so grateful to be able to say I am (almost) completely drug free again! With low dose ibuprofen I am able to get through my day. Pretty miraculous considering this time last go around (after I had Sebastian) I was put on chemo (methotrexate) to control my symptoms of “Rheumatoid Arthritis” because nothing else would come close to relieving the pain or controlling the inflammation. 

With that being said, going through 2 labor and deliveries within 2 years and being placed on so many different kinds of medication, weaning on and off, my body has been through hell to say the least and now I am feeling the aftermath of all I have been through, physically, since trying to fight this illness naturally...choosing to go drug free. 

To be able to sit here today controlling my illness with only ibuprofen, clean diet, natural supplements & remedies such as applying ice/ heat when needed. It truly is a miracle and possible. Very hard, unimaginably hard, but it is possible...I am learning. 

Last night in the spur of the moment I decided to treat myself to a 30 minute massage at a nearby parlor. $35 for 30 minutes. This was the BEST decision I have made in a very long time. I could not believe the relief I was given after my session was up. Although some parts were painful to bare through, I stood up and actually thought to myself “I feel healthy”. Which is something I have not thought or felt in a very long time. As I was getting the massage I could literally feel the massive knots in my muscles and joints being pushed out of my body. My massage therapist was applying a lott of pressure. During some parts of the massage I definitely got nervous as she moved and twisted my joints in ways they have not been manipulated to move in a long time but she was gentle and listened to me as I talked with her through it. 

Getting a deep tissue massage is going to be apart of my regular routine for healing and recovery from this point forward. I am so thrilled and thinking to myself why did you not apply this technique so much sooner?? 😍 I am definitely sore today as she was working hard on my body last night but I feel stronger, more energized & less inflamed! Sticking to ice/heat and low dose ibuprofen and will plan to go back in for another massage as soon as I heal from the last one. 🙌🏼🙌🏼💪🏼

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Deep tissue massage works for me as I like my tech to get deep into my joints really working out the stress but it is not for everyone. Read the article below to see what is suggested for relieving RA symptoms. 

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I hope this helps someone that is struggling as much as it helped me 💛💛.

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